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I am trying to loop through a query string and pull out certain values as in:


For each value next to ProductID I want to execute some logic. But I am not sure how to get to the values. Any ideas?

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When your query string has more than one value with the same key you can use the NameValueCollection.GetValues method which returns a string array:

dim productID as string
for each productID  in Page.Request.QueryString.GetValues("ProductID")
  ' do something with productID
next productID
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Worked like a charm thx. –  Jim Feb 19 '09 at 14:28

Here is some untested psuedo code that should work for the code behind on the page. I hope this helps.

dim key as string
dim list as new arraylist()
for each key in Page.Request.QueryString.Keys
 if key = "ProductID" then
 end if
next key

' do somthing with the list of product id's
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Dim productID = Request.Querystring("ProductID")
Dim quantity = Request.Querystring("Quantity")
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VB doesn't support square brackets, that's C#. –  James Feb 18 '09 at 23:01
Thanks for the reminder, I don't speak much VB. –  Chris Ballance Feb 19 '09 at 0:42

Try this one. Only works in VB9.

Dim queryString = GetQueryString()
queryString = queryString.SubString(1) 'Remove ?
Dim ids = queryString. _
  Split("&"c). _
  Select(Function(x) x.Split("="c)). _
  Where(Function(x) x(0) = "ProductId" ). _
  Select(Function(x) x(1))
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Dim sQS as String = Request.QueryString.ToString
For Each eItem In Split(sQS, "&")
Dim sName As String = Left(eItem, InStr(eItem & "=", "=") - 1)
Response.Write(sName _
& " = " & Request.QueryString(sName) _
& "<br>")

and this is shorter but based on the same idea

For Each Key As String In Request.QueryString.Keys
Response.Write(Key & " = " & Request.QueryString(Key) & "<br>")
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