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I'm a newbie to programming and PHP learning about two dimensional arrays.

When I run this code below, it just gives me a blank page. When I put an echo in front of the function call like this echo usort($a, 'mysort1'); the page shows me a 1 (I have no idea why).

What I really want to see is the output of the array after it's been sorted.

Doing var_dump($a); is not what I'm after. how do I show the result of the function?

How? Thanks if you can help.


$a = array (
array ('key1' => 940, 'key2' => 'blah'),
array ('key1' => 23, 'key2' => 'this'),
array ('key1' => 894, 'key2' => 'that')

function mysort1($x, $x) {
     return ($x['key1'] > $y['key']);


usort($a, 'mysort1'); 

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For starters I think you have two typos in your comparison function:

                     //should be $y not $x
function mysort1($x, $y) {
     return ($x['key1'] > $y['key1']);  // Should be $y['key1']

Next, usort sorts the array in place returning TRUE on success and FALSE otherwise, that is why you see a 1 when you echo it's return value.



to display the sorted array.

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thanks very much – Leahcim Apr 12 '11 at 3:18

Put this as the last line... var_dump($a); it is a quick way to see what is in an array.

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Thanks, but what I want to see is the result of the function. Do you know how to do that? – Leahcim Apr 12 '11 at 3:14
Well var_dump() will give a verbose output from the array... if you want to see individually what each value is in each array, you could use a couple for loops and print each key and value. Other than that, the usort function just returns a 1 which mean that the function completed and returned true. – DiscGolfer Apr 12 '11 at 3:17

You are printing the return value of the function usort , and not the contents of your array. Instead try giving print_r a shot after calling usort.

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Add this:


after your usort

If you want to output the data nicely using HTML, you could use a foreach loop as follows:

echo "<ul>";
foreach ($a as $key => $value)
    echo "<li>key: ", $key, " value: ", $value, "</li>";
echo "</ul>";

Or something similar with tables if you like.

usort actually sorts the array you pass to it. In other words, it does not return a sorted array but performs the sort on the same array you pass it because it's passing by reference. If you look here: you will see there is an ampersand infront of the parameter. The return value of usort indicates success or failure. Again, you can see this in the manual.

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Add after the usort line

var_dump( $a );

Your page only prints "1" because it is saying that usort was successful in sorting the array.

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