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I'm writing an image gallery script in which the thumbnail for the currently-viewed image is indicated with a smaller image below the thumbnail. My placeholder is as follows:

<img name="indicator0" alt="indicator>

with indicator1, indicator2, etc. following. In my script, which placeholder has the indicator is called by the variable thumbIndicator. I'd like to be able to do that like this:

document.(thumbIndicator).src = "indicator_image.jpg";

but this has not worked. I've also changed my image placeholder to this:

<img id="indicator0" alt="indicator">

and the script to this:

document.getElementByID(thumbIndicator).src = "indicator_image.jpg";

but that hasn't worked either.

I have been designing websites for a while now, have a fair amount of experience with PHP/MySQL, but am new to JavaScript. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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So is it the case that this can't be done with a variable? I can get it to work by passing a string to getElementId, but I'd like to pass a variable, since there are multiple placeholders. Sounds like it's not possible? – user704325 Apr 12 '11 at 14:58

You need to set the ID of your placeholder image, (which you might be doing, just not in the code above).

<img id="thumbIndicator" alt="alternate text" />

Then to get it:

document.getElementById("thumbIndicator").src = "newfile.png";

In your above code, getElementById had both I and D capitalized, just the I actually is, though.

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You need to pass a string to getElementById:

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<img src="oldsrc" id="thumbindicator" />


document.getElementById('thumbindicator').src = 'newsrc.jpg';
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