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I need help with writing a XML file that includes the filepath of an image. In Visual C++, I'm using the saveFileDialog to save an XML. But before that I use an openImageDialog to open an image. I know that if I use: openImageDialog->FileName it gives the path of the image. I want to put this in the XML. This is what I've tried:

String^ imgPath = (openImageDialog->FileName);

But I get an error: error C2661: 'System::Xml::XmlWriter::WriteElementString' : no overloaded function takes 1 arguments

I am using XMLTextWriter Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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According to MSDN, you need to specify element name and it's textual value for WriteElementString. For your case, you need to use



writer->WriteElementString("Image", openImageDialog->FileName);
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