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I've changed something in my project settings and now when I run this project to build and debug I get build error:

GenerateDSYMFile error: tried to link DWARF for unsupported file: "correct path to my application executable here"

but! when I press RUN once more it works like a charm and my app starts in Simulator. so I need press cmd-R twice every time to debug my app.

it was normal in previous version of my project so I don't know what changes I've made %) all my other projects works fine and I can just recreate this project, but I want to figured it out - what trigger this error. I tried to ask this question on Apple devforums but without any success.

any help here? thx )

ps this error shows as Xcode3 as Xcode4

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There is same file name as your project name in bundle so get rid of that file by renaming it and use accordingly.

Clean the project and run the project. Good to go.

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not sure if you figured out what the problem was, had the same thing happen to me. I had made a text file called the same name as my project - when I got rid of that it fixed it.

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Same here, though I had to clean and rebuild deleting the file. –  Benjamin Jul 15 '12 at 13:59

Try changing under Build Options > Debug Information Format. See if that helps.

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I got it when I tried to run my app in the simulator. Xcode said ATTACHING TO PROCESS but hung. So had to kill XCode and restart. When I ran project again it built ok but when I said RUN it got that link error.

I fixed it by deleting the app in the Simulator and hit run again and it worked.

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im guessing the space messes up the build paths somewhere –  brian.clear May 22 '12 at 16:41

In my case It was a plist file causing the error.

I renamed the file and updated Info.plist File in Target Build Settings and that fixed it.

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I got the same error: "error: tried to link DWARF for unsupported file: /Volumes/..."

This error wasn't shown before up until I changed to Xcode 6 in my Jenkins server. Before we had the same setting of the App and was building without any problem.

I was building the app as Realase version via Jenkins and I had the setting to build with the following configuration "-configuration Release" and the parameter "Debug Information Format" in Build Setting of the app was set to DWARF-with-dSYM.

In order to solve this error I changed in the targets in Xcode in Build Settings in the parameter "Debug Information Format" to DWARF only and I didn't get any error from Jenkins.

The apple developer documentation says this regarding the different values of this parameter:

DEBUG_INFORMATION_FORMAT (Debug Information Format)

Description: Identifier. Identifies the format used to store the binary’s debug information.


stabs: Use the Stabs format and place the debug information in the binary.

dwarf: Use the DWARF format and place the debug information in the binary.

dwarf-with-dsym: Use the DWARF format and place the debug information in a dSYM file.

Default value: dwarf

Prerequisite for: “GCC_ENABLE_SYMBOL_SEPARATION (Separate PCH Symbols).”

Link: https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/developertools/Reference/XcodeBuildSettingRef/1-Build_Setting_Reference/build_setting_ref.html

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