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If you go to http://apple.com and click in the search box, you'll notice it grows/magnifies onfocus, and onblur it collapses back to it's original state.

I'm wondering if there's a jquery plugin or similar to do this job easily.

I don't want to use the JS that's on the Apple website since it's not fully cross browser. I also don't have time to roll my own. If there's nothing prebuilt, that's ok, but if anyone knows of anything pre-made, I'd be very grateful.

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Note: works in webkit browsers only. –  BalusC Apr 12 '11 at 4:31
Yes I see that the one on Apple's website only works with FireFox, Safari, and Chrome. I'm looking for something a little more cross browser. –  Chase Florell Apr 12 '11 at 4:35

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search box like at apple.com without JS: http://www.kvadracom.com/en-projects-blog.html#1

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Great no JavaScript solution –  Joseph Myers Jul 27 '13 at 2:27
Thank you, Joseph –  Vitalia Fedorchuk Apr 3 at 22:05

It's been there a while, here's another SO post:

Mimic apple.com globalsearch input field with HTML and CSS

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Yes I did see this question. The answer shows the JS for the Apple website, which unfortunately only works in FireFox, Safari, and Chrome. I'm looking for something a little more cross browser. –  Chase Florell Apr 12 '11 at 4:36

I guess you want something like this.It is working in IE,firfox,chrome.I didnt check for others

$('input').focus(function() {
         $(this).css({'width': '50px'});

$('input').blur(function() {
         $(this).css({'width': '100px'});

Similarly you could use background-color property to toggle between color

----- Edit by OP ---

I marked this as answer, however I did modify it to be a lot more like the Apple website.

$('input').focus(function() {
         $(this).animate({width: 150}, 'slow');

$('input').blur(function() {
         $(this).animate({width: 100}, 'slow');
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Look at this article I think it can help you to certain extent.....the search box doesn't get focus when clicked but it's size is increased......http://www.bloggermint.com/2011/06/css3-search-box-inspired-by-apple-com/

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