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In C# with VS 2008,I have a query ,In this query i join more than one tables,so i don't know the type , I want to know how to directly run a sql query in linq .

IEnumerable<Type> results = db.ExecuteQuery<TYpe>("sql query")

My above query works fine but I want to avoid type, I want to write

var results = db.ExecuteQuery("sql query");

Is there any way to write it?

Thanks in advance.

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How is it supposed for linq2sql to detect what class it needs to map the results? Btw, you're still able to use var in the first sample, aren't you? –  zerkms Apr 12 '11 at 5:00
Is it possible to use a stored procedure? The designer will generate a class for each stored procedures return type if so. –  Luke Lowrey Apr 12 '11 at 6:13
Give some sample queries. What are you trying to accomplish? Are the return types the same, but just from different tables? –  jaraics Apr 12 '11 at 6:49

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You need to specify the type to map to from the query results. You can use a System.Type object instead of statically specifying it as a generic type parameter:

var results = db.ExecuteQuery(typeof(Customer), "sql query ");

If you just want a plain ADO.NET DataReader you could use the DataContext.Connection property:

using (var cmd = db.Connection.CreateCommand()) 
  cmd.CommandText = "sql query ";
  var results = cmd.ExecuteReader();
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    var result = dataContext.ExecuteQuery<JobsDto>
                 ("Select JobID,JobName From jobs");

but make sure JobsDto has two properties JobID and JobName and there types the same type as the table columns

PS. DTO stand for Data Transfer

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