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I want to visit a url via http://xxxxx.php then my server will update automatically

I try to many way to use php execute "svn update" on my server Like:

system('./svn.sh', $retval);   //svn.sh contain svn up ....
system('svn up .', $retval);
system('/usr/bin/svn up --username xxx --password --- /my_path', $retval);

PS :I don not want to use third party php extension for subversion Thanks !!!

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I wouldn't use php for this type of task. Rather I would use ssh to publish from the localhost to the remote host to bring that server up to date

ssh my_user@my_host.com "/usr/bin/svn up /my_path"

This is more secure and more suited for a system level task.

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Genius! Thanks a lot. Your method is much better. –  ShunnarMeng Apr 12 '11 at 7:27

Did you test permissions on /my_path ? it has to be writeable by your webserver user. Additionally, you can use exec instead of system which also returns every line of output.

exec('/usr/bin/svn up --username xxx --password --- /my_path', $output, $retval);

The above will give you hints where it fails

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my problem is I used root execute svn co before. Now I can not change '.svn' floders permissions . Thanks!! –  ShunnarMeng Apr 12 '11 at 7:28

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