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Assume there is a rabbit and at position (1,1). Moreover, its home is at position (7,7). How can it reach that position ?

Home positon is not fix place.

Real question, I am trying to solve a problem on a book for exersizing c.What algorithm should I apply to find solution? Should I use linked list to store data?

Data is (1,1), (1,2),..., (3,3) ..., (7,7) Place marked with black shows wall.

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The rabbit lives in its home in the wall? –  sawa Apr 12 '11 at 6:59
@sawa LOL !!!!! –  Antti Huima Apr 12 '11 at 17:45

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Use A*. It is the classic go-to algorithm for path-finding (that article lists many other algorithms you can consider too).

By using A* you learn an algorithm that you might actually need in your normal programming career later ;)

An example evaluation of a maze similar to that in the question using A*:


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There are a bunch of search algorithms you can use. The easiest to implement will be either breadth-first search or depth-first search.

Algorithms like A* are likely to be more efficient but are a little harder to code.

Check out the Wikipedia "Search algorithms" page. It has links to a number of well-known algorithms.

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Breadth-first search is always a good one.


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