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I have an EAR with multiple MDBs in it. Each MDB jar has its own application context. When a message arrives I can see from the logging that the appropriate MDB initialises, but it obtains the application context from different MDB!

I thought each EJB should have it's own classloader. It seems it doesn't. How can I enforce each MDB to load its own app context?

I am using WebSphere 7.

My project structure is:

... etc

The content of the mdb jars is:

com/mycompany/ ... (classes)
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In WAS you can change the classloader order for the WARs!!, I hope you can do the same for the jars. Normaly the class loader order it is "parent first". Try "Parent Last".

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Thanks, I was just taking a look at that here: stackoverflow.com/questions/813202/… –  Synesso Apr 12 '11 at 7:08
Yes, you can change it for the EJB jars. The full list of deployable types that can be configured is documented at {base}\web\configDocs\packages\appdeployment\DeployedObject.html and includes EJBModuleDeployment –  Synesso Apr 12 '11 at 7:51

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