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Is there a way to trigger two morph or tween effects for two different dom elements at the exact same time?

I created this demo. Click the green block to test.

It seems to work alright although it doesn't seem technically correct. I can imagine if there were 1000 blocks you would see a lag with the bottom blocks.

Any thoughts or ideas?

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If what the animation does is the same on both elements, there's no reason for using morph and tween. Otherwise, what you're looking for is Fx.Elements (, it takes an Element Collection and applies different animations to them. Fx.Elements is there for the sole reason of animating multiple elements at the same time.

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Btw.'block-1') > $$('#block-1'); - getting an Element Collection and then extracting a selector is slower, than just fetching the element by ID. – Oskar Krawczyk Apr 12 '11 at 7:49

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