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I want to access an JsonStore created from the ext designer from another panels user js file. The file store file generated from the designer looks like this

myJsonStore = Ext.extend(, {
 constructor: function(cfg) {
    cfg = cfg || {};, Ext.apply({
        storeId: 'myJsonStore',
        url: '/server.json',
        restful: true,
        autoLoad: true,
        autoSave: false,
        fields: [
                name: 'id'
                name: 'code'
                name: 'name'

    }, cfg));
new myJsonStore();

what i am doing right now is using a hidden combo and assign the store to the combo, this allows me to access it via autoRef (with. combo.getStore(), it gives me an object type of Store). Ideally i want to be able to do it without the hidden combo.

i have tried referring to it with storeId, but it doesn't work, if i log the storeId to the console this is what i get.

 function (cfg) {
    cfg = cfg || {};, Ext.apply({
        storeId: 'myJsonStore',
        url: '/coas.json',
        restful: true,

so i was just wondering whether this is even possible. if so some direction on how to get it done would be greatly appreciated . thanks

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The new myJsonStore(); only creates a new store. In order to reference the store elsewhere in your code ( same file or another file) you need to use a variable. Create the store like this:

 var myStore = new myJsonStore();

And to bind it to the comobobox use the variable name myStore with the store property.

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