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In Windows it's possible to Increase the size of on-screen fonts. We realized that too late and if a user does this our programm is unusable because he can not see all texts and controls. We're bringing out a release and we do not have the time to fix that. So: How can I disable or ignore this increasing from windows application-wide? I tried setting autoscale to none but it is not working. Isn't possible to ignore that setting for the whole application? How can I do that? I know that this is a week solution because the user has a reason why he wants to increase the font size. But we can not fix this problem within two weeks but want to provide an application somebody can work.

Thanks for your help

PS: We use

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Tell the user not to increase the font size and get some glasses. Or write your application properly! – David Heffernan Apr 12 '11 at 7:34
But if our application is the only one which cannot handle the increases, the user must change the settings everytime he uses our application. (And needs to log off for that!) Not so nice! I cannot urge the user to abandon that option only because our application cannot handle it! We will do write that properly, but need more time than only two weeks. It's only a workaround for that single release. – Benks Apr 12 '11 at 14:07
Then they'll need to get some glasses for your app won't they. – David Heffernan Apr 12 '11 at 14:11

According to Microsoft the workaround is: Right-Click the Shortcut, click on the Compatibility Tab and Tick "Disable Display scaling on high DPI settings"

(Although this doesn't seem to always work.)

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There's no property or setting that you can adjust to tell a .NET application to ignore the settings you're talking about. You will have to look for another option.

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