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Can we run following tasks in the back ground in a iPhone application:

√ Camera --> Take photo (timer = infinity) (keep on taking photos) 
√ Video
√ Backlight --> On for certain duration (Customizable)
√ Flickering --> 5secs (Customizable)
√ Vibration (Background)
√ Voice Call --> Long call or multiple calls (Call duration/Time b/w calls/
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  • Camera - no
  • Video - no
  • Backlight - no
  • Flickering - don't know what this means
  • Vibration - could be triggered with Push
  • Voice Call - yes, VOIP is allowed
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No iOS multitasking is very restrictive in what you can do.

You could do a voip service in the background, but you won't have access to backlight, camera, vibration motor etc.

More info here

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