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I am trying to set the timeout of a connection on the client socket in java. I have set a default connect timeout to 2000, i.e:

this.socket.connect(this.socketAdd, timeOut);

This I am trying on a web application. When a user makes a request, I am passing values to socket server, but if I don't receive any response in 5 secs the socket should disconnect. But in my case the whole request is getting submitted once again. Can any one please tell me where am I going wrong?

I want to cut the socket connection, if I don't get any response in 5 secs. How can I set it? Any sample code would help.

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You can even try for :

Socket client=new Socket();   
client.connect(new InetSocketAddress(hostip,port_num),connection_time_out); 
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This helped me for a timeout when the server doesn't exist, or is refusing connection. –  anisbet Jun 6 '13 at 16:00

What you show is a timeout for the connection, this will timeout if it cannot connect within a certain time.

Your question implies you want a timeout for when you are already connected and send a request, you want to timeout if there is no response within a certain amount of time.

Presuming you mean the latter, then you need to timeout the which can be done by setting SO_TIMEOUT with the Socket.setSoTimeout(int timeout) method. This will throw an exception if the read takes longer than the number of milliseconds specified. For example:


An alternative method is to do the read in a thread, and then wait on the thread with a timeout and close the socket if it timesout.

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To put the whole thing together:

Socket socket = new Socket();
// This limits the time allowed to establish a connection in the case
// that the connection is refused or server doesn't exist.
socket.connect(new InetSocketAddress(host, port), timeout);
// This stops the request from dragging on after connection succeeds.
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