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I would like to select all inputs in my div and set them new value but also I want to exclude inputs with certain value something like this:

$('#mydiv input:not(val("100")').val(myvariable);

how to do that, is it possible in simple selector? thanks

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You need to use the attribute not equal selector.

$('#mydiv input[value!="100"]').val(myvariable);


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+1 from me :-) Also here's the jquery docs with some more info: – Alex KeySmith Apr 12 '11 at 8:29
this works. thanks! – simPod Apr 12 '11 at 11:46
$('#mydiv input:not([value="100"])').val(myvariable);


$('#mydiv input').filter(function() {
    return $(this).val() != 100;
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var n = jQuery("input[value!='1']").val();


check this link too

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you can also use the each function.

$('#mydiv :input').each(function(){

    if($(this).val() != '100')
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