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We used to use SourceSafe, and one thing I liked about it was that when you checked out a file, it automatically got you its latest version.

Now we work with Team System 2005, and it doesn't work that way - you have to "get latest version" before you start working on a file that you've checked out.

Is there a way to configure Team System (2005) to automatically get the latest version when checking out a file?

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There's a Visual Studio Add-in for this that someone wrote:

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Are you sure you want that?

It means that when you check out a file, it will be out of sync with the rest of your files. Your project may not build or function properly until you update all files.

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@Vaibhav: Thanks a lot!

@Jay Bazuzi: I understand what you're saying, but for me it's very important that if a developer is working on a file, it be the lastest version of that file. Otherwise the check in introduces a lot of problems. If for some reason, as a result of the getting latest version, the project doesn't compile, then by all means get the latest version of the whole project. For the way our team works - often check-ins - this is good. If you made changes you want to keep - shelve them.

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