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I'd like to make an uploadify upload to my server, and make thumbnails from the user's images on the fly.

I just need the filepath for each upload. However the only parameter i found in the Javascript is the substringed filename.

Instead of ohmygoditsantaclaus.jpg I want the full path like C:/Etc/Etcetera/Daddy/ohmygoditsantaclaus.jpg. If i have this, i can make a div container easily put the image to it, and resize it with CSS.

Thanks for the help. PS: I used Uploadify v1.6.2

Here is the jQuery Uploadify v.1.6.2 and the Uploader.FLA i currently using.

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You can't access the full path with either JavaScript or Flash, like:


It's a security thing.

Also, even if you could, you sure as heck can't do the next thing you want to do:

If i have this, i can make a div container easily put the image to it, and resize it with CSS.

You can't access random images on the user's hard disk using a file:// URI and place them on your webpage.

You can instead use something like http://www.plupload.com/ - once the user has selected their images to upload, you can resize images client side.

If you want to show thumbnails before uploading, I know Flash can do it. I'm not sure if anything else can.

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This would be a major security problem, and for all I know, this won't and should not work.

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