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I need to write linq to xml query of such kind of below xml data

  <L>Kapasite (GB)</L>
  <L>Dönüş Hızı (Rpm)</L>
  <V>USB 2.0</V>
  <L>Form Faktörü (Inch)</L>
  <L>Ön Bellek (Kb/mb)</L>
  <L>Satış Garanti Süresi (ay)</L>

my problems are

  1. get only the first image when there is several images in the database(img holds the path of an image as a string in my database table)

  2. handle the <S> part

I am new to LINQ to XML please help, thanks.

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not sure I know what exactly you mean. Saying e.g. what you want to retrieve from the above xml would help. –  grzeg Apr 12 '11 at 9:05

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Hope this helps..

        var productElement = XDocument.Load("product.xml").Root;

        var firstImagePath  = productElement.Element("IMG").Value;
        var sElements = productElement.Elements("S");

        //if you want an object instead of XElements, you can do
        var sElementObjects = sElements.Select(xe => new
                                              L = xe.Element("L").Value,
                                              V = xe.Element("V").Value,
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maybe i asked the question in a wrong way, I want to create an XML doc like the one in my question, and i am taking data from my database.And I am ok with id, d1,d2, etc. but at the S part it is one more level deeper and I cant make it look like this what i am able to do is showing the same product for every S tag. I think I need some kind of X node or somthing which can contain another xelements –  Bastardo Apr 12 '11 at 10:59
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there is my answer

 XElement productCatalog = 
                   new XElement("PRODUCTCATALOG",

                               from urun in db.TBLP1URUNs
                               select new XElement("PRODUCT",

                                           new XElement("ID", urun.ID),

                                           new XElement("D1", urun.MODEL),

                                           new XElement("D2", urun.URUNACIKLAMA),

                                           new XElement("L1", urun.TBLP1URUNKATEGORI.TREENAME),

                                           new XElement("IMG", db.TBLP1URUNRESIMs.Where(p => p.URUN_ID == urun.ID).First().FILE_NAME),

                                           new XElement("EAN", urun.STOKKODU),

                                           new XElement("ATP", GetUrunStokById(urun.ID)),//STOKMIKTARI

                                           new XElement("DM3", urun.DESI),

                                           from ozellikler in urun.TBLP1OZELLIK_URUNs
                                           select new XElement("S",

                                               new XElement("L", ozellikler.TBLP1OZELLIK.TBLP1OZELLIKTIPI.TIPI),

                                               new XElement("V", ozellikler.TBLP1OZELLIK.OZELLIK))

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