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I am using libjingle for my XMPP connection. Can I connect two XMPP clients without having server in between. If yes how can I do that if no then why it is not possible?

XMPP client1 <---------Direct Audio/Video/IM----------> XMPP client2

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A Peer-to-Peer XMPP concept. This is interesting. –  DashK Apr 12 '11 at 14:49

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You may not be able to do this directly with libjingle, but a protocol specification exists in the form of XEP-0174. The gist is that you publish your presence and connection information over Multicast DNS (e.g. Bonjour), then connect directly when you want to chat. Apple's iChat implements essentially this approach for its peer-to-peer mode.

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WebRTC is perfect example for having peer to peer connection. The answer I was looking for two years ago.

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But WebRTC is not XMPP. Could you elaborate how this answers the question? –  Flow Nov 3 at 21:52
When the question was asked I was looking for peer to peer video conferencing solution. Libjingle was recently open source that time. I thought there may be some extension (or can be written) which can provide peer to peer connectivity. –  Alam Nov 3 at 22:21
That's fine, but the answer doesn't match the question now. People come here looking for an answer to XMPP P2P, not for P2P video conferencing. –  Flow Nov 3 at 22:34

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