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I have a foreach loop in the Page_Load method of my one page to determine whether to Enable a button or not.


foreach (var class in classes)
    for (var i = studentsList.Count - 1; i >= 0; i--)
        if (studentsList[i].Id == class.student_id)
if (studentsList.Count == 0)
    button1.Enabled = false;
    button1.Text = "a";
    button1.Enabled = true;
    button1.Text = "b";
if (Page.IsPostBack) { return; }

The issue:

The value of studentsList.Count is lagging behind by a postback. If after the loop it should be 1, it only has the value of 1 at the next postback. I've debugged to confirm this is the case.

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You can move this foreach loop to the Page_PreLoad method and give it a try.

Here anof life cycle of an ASP.NET page:

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appreciate the suggestion but it doesn't help – squid Apr 12 '11 at 9:59

I guess the student list is updated by clicking a button on the page.

Put the code that enables button1 on the button_click event of that button.

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Does the button press edit students list? If so, the code for the button press will be fired after the Page_Load code.

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Your problem is that you should wait for a corresponding event and write this logic in that event handler. For clarity, page load happens earlier than control events.

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