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I have built a kiosk environment in MAC OSX 10.6.6 and i wanto charge a PC user before he starts using the system. i have the application made. I wanto use authorize.net for authenticating. With what i have searched, CIM SOAP is the method i should use.

My question is is there any webservice available on authorize.net where i can send a xml file and expect a response .? If not, what other options do i have??

thanks in advance. If any sample code or reference is there, let me know( FOR MAC)

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Authorize.Net's API is platform agnostic so it doesn't matter what environment you use it in. It can be a Mac, PC, POS system, or website, etc.

Their AIM API has an XML interface for processing transactions. You can get a developer's account to test your integration with. They also offer sample code to get you started.

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