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i have Install Shield 2008 Express Edition and a Setup project which create's a exe and and msi installer. Now as our application uses HLP files as a help system and HLP files are not supported natively on Windows Vista and newer i need to add to the setup an prerequsite installation of the Help Viewer for Windows Vista, 7, 2008 which can be downloaded from here: and is in MSU (Microsoft Update format)

Also i need to make a conditionall install which means that i need to detect if the setup is running on Vista, 7 2008 and then detect if 32-bit or 64-bit and the install the correct MSU. Is this possible and if yes how to do it in installshield 2008 express?

I see in the Redistributables section only predefined prerequisites. How can i add own, custom?

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The Express SKU of InstallShield doesn't provide a means for creating custom prereq (.PRQ ) files. The files are simple XML documents though and with a trial version of InstallShield Pro/Prem. you could author one and then drop it in the directory for Express to consume.

Checkout my blog article describing how to author a prereq. The details would depend on the specific MSU you are authoring.

Using InstallShield 12 to Install .NET Framework 3.0

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