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I'm wondering how to convert Sms table date value e.g. 1293457709636 (miliseconds) to meaningful Date time value using Microsoft platforms, not Java.

I've just made a backup of my SMS messages from a HTC phone. I exported as XML file and for the date i have something like this: 1301061775000. I've got a solution from this post: Android - get date time from SMS timestamp in miliseconds but unfortunately require to have installed and also knowledge of Java which i'm not.

It is possible to convert from this format to something like mm/dd/yyyy HH:ii:ss using Microsoft (don't shoot me!) tools/ide/languages (.NET, C#, VB) or PHP because I have to automate somehow this process since there are more than 600 messages.

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The android datetime is milli-secs since Jan 1, 1970. I use the following exention method to convert it to a .NET DateTimeOffset.

public static DateTimeOffset Epoch = new DateTimeOffset(new DateTime(1970, 1, 1), TimeSpan.Zero);


public static DateTimeOffset FromMilliSecsSinceEpoch(this long millSecs)
    return Epoch + TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(millSecs);
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Thanks for the answer and for the clarification! With this in mind I've found this site: epochconverter.com/epoch/batch-convert.php and it does all I need. Thnx again! –  Valentin Vucea Apr 12 '11 at 10:43
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