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I am having some issues with getting the list of parents of an element with jQuery.

Perhaps I am missing something, but I have a link inside several nested divs, and am trying to get a list of siblings of the parent's parent.

I only seem to be able to go one level up from the link though, so I can't

The HTML is as follows:

<div class="alertcontainer">
   <div id="alertnode_1" class="alertnode">
      <div class="alertnodeheader">Escalate to Level 1</div>
      <div class="alertnodebody">
         <div class="bold">Alert these people:</div><br/>
         <div class="alertnodebodycontactlist">
            <div class="alertnodebodycontact">187   
               <a id="d0.9659762698410487" 
                  onclick="RemoveNode(this, 187)" 
                  href="#">Remove Me...</a>
            <div class="alertnodebodycontact">185   
               <a id="d0.6609632486132389" 
                  onclick="RemoveNode(this, 185)" 
                  href="#">Remove Me...</a>
            <div class="alertnodebodycontact">184   
               <a id="d0.13180038199138278" 
                  onclick="RemoveNode(this, 184)" 
                  href="#">Remove Me...</a>
            <div class="alertnodebodycontact">186   
               <a id="d0.6364304467227213" 
                  onclick="RemoveNode(this, 186)" 
                  href="#">Remove Me...</a>
            <select class="esccontactlist" id="esc_contact_list_1">
               <option>Also alert...</option>

JS/jQuery as follows:

function RemoveNode(e, id)
   // Remove the contact

   // Add it back into the list.
   for ( var i = 0; i < ContactList.length; i++) 
      if ( id == ContactList[i]["ContactID"] )
            .append("<option value='"
               +" ("

      // Here, I want to count the number of '.alertnodebodycontact' divs.
      // However, $(e).parents() only returns a single item, which is the 
      // '.alertnodebodycontact'  that the link is in.  
      //  Likewise, $(e).parent().parent() returns nothing.

      // Anyone have any idea why the outer divs aren't being returned?

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Instead of putting inline javascript in the anchor elements, you could bind to the click event of each anchor in $(document).ready() and pass in itself as an argument, along with it's parent text –  Russ Cam Feb 19 '09 at 0:03

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Nevermind... I am trying to access it after removing it. Just need to re-order my tasks.

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Thanks for this - made me realize I was doing the same thing. An event called with trigger() wasn't bubbling up and it took this for me realize it was because I was firing the event from the element after it was removed from the DOM :) –  Brent Dillingham Jan 10 '10 at 17:01
Good to know I'm not the only one... =o) –  Eli Jan 11 '10 at 20:41

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