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We can use deSolve package in R for ordinary differential equations (ODE), however, I can't find a way to solve two nested ODE equation, suppose b(t)' = beta - k*b(t); a(t)' = alpha -b(t)*gamma; where ' means differentiation. How can we solve a and b then? as a' is a function of b, we have to solve a and b simulataneously.

I got an error:

Error in lsoda(y, times, func, parms, ...) : The used combination of solvers cannot be nested.

When I tried to add the ode solve for b inside the ode solve for a.

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I may be confused, but you seem to be describing coupled equations, which lsoda can handle perfectly well, as follows (I implemented your ODEs but made up some parameters since I didn't know what you had in mind.)

gfun <- function(t,y,parms,...) {
  ## 'with' trick lets us write gradient in terms of variable/parameter names

L1 <- lsoda(y=c(b=1,a=1),


PS: this seems to be a set of coupled linear ODEs, so you should actually be able to get a full closed-form solution rather than solving them numerically. (I'm too lazy to do that right now; b(t) can be solved immediately (an "affine" equation), a(t) can be solved by integration.)

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thanks a million, Ben. I have to solve numerically as the actual problem is a harder multivariate issue and I can't derive a closed-form solution. – abiao Apr 13 '11 at 8:49

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