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I would like to provide some methods for a clojure protocol starting with the : character. Is there any way to override this in Clojure?

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Don't think so. Clojure keywords are implemented in the reader and I don't think there's any way of overriding that behavior.

When you use a keyword as a function, that is equivalent to (get arg :keyword). You can extend what that does by implementing ILookup in your protocol.


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Sounds like a bad idea: colons are reserved for keywords so even if you could do this I think it would make for some confusing code.

You can of course, put a function inside a record mapped by a keyword:

(defrecord Foo [])

(def foo (Foo. nil {:method (fn [a b] (* a b))}))

((:method foo) 7 10)
=> 70

I've found this to be a useful trick sometimes......

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