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I have created model, view and controller:

$ rails generate scaffold Post name:string title:string content:text

Then I have added the method on Post controller:

def fill_default_data

But when I have open http://localhost:3000/posts/fill_default_data in browser I get the error:

ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in PostsController#show

Couldn't find Post with ID=fill_default_data

It looks like Rails don't see fill_default_data action and use show method. How can I add new method to scaffold generated controller?

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You should add the relevant route to your config/routes.rb file. If you currently have:

resources :posts

You should change that to:

resources :posts do
  collection do
    get :fill_default_data

That will generate a route that you can access through /posts/fill_default_data. Now your app is actually accessing the show action and filling in "fill_default_data" as the ID.

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Or if you want to add the method to a member rather than the collection, use the following:

resources :posts do
  member do
    get :fill_default_data, :as => 'fill_out_data'

This using member if preferred if you are performing the action on a single post rather than on a collection of posts. Also, the :as option generates named route helpers (stuff like *_path or *_url) in case you want them.

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