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How can I mount a FAT/FAT32 device using "mount()" function (from "mount.h", see "man 2 mount") in a way that it will be mounted UTF8?

This is the relevant code I use to mount it 'til now:

mount_result = mount(device_node, device_mount_point, fstype, MS_NOATIME, "");

Thanks, Nicola

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The last argument to the mount command is a string interpreted by the file system driver in the kernel. It is the same you would pass to the mount shell command. For UTF8 I believe the string should be:

mount_result = mount(device_node, device_mount_point, fstype, MS_NOATIME, "iocharset=utf8");
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If the manpage is to be trusted, iocharset is not amongst the options for vfat. You may be thinking of ntfs (where it is deprecated anyway). utf8 looks like the correct argument. –  Piskvor Apr 12 '11 at 11:00
The correct answer is passing "iocharset=utf8". Tested it on a kernel, mount from util-linux-ng 2.15.1 (with libblkid support). Man pages may be wrong. –  Nicola Orritos Apr 12 '11 at 13:00

From the manpage:

The data argument is interpreted by the different file systems. Typically it is a string of comma-separated options understood by this file system.

And from the manpage of mount(8), "Mount options for vfat":

utf8 : UTF8 is the filesystem safe 8-bit encoding of Unicode that is used by the console. It can be be enabled for the filesystem with this option. If 'uni_xlate' gets set, UTF8 gets disabled.

Therefore, this should give you the desired behavior:

mount_result = mount(device_node, device_mount_point, fstype, MS_NOATIME, "utf8");
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We tried passing "utf8" only and it didn't work :-( –  Nicola Orritos Apr 12 '11 at 12:28

I think you might need to try "utf8=1".

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