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I am trying to add some rewrite rules using to my ASP.NET web app. The problem is that I am a Regex newbie, and provided examples are pretty elementary.

My question is: how do I differentiate urls which contain GET query parameters?

I.e., if I add this rule:

<rewrite url="~/([.+])" to="~/$1.aspx" />

It will rewrite to, but it will also rewrite to

Problem actually only happens when using a login control, since it creates an url similar to, and I am not sure how to rewrite it.

What I would like is:

  • to rewrite to, and
  • to rewrite to

Thanks a lot!

[edit] And btw I still haven't figured how to turn on console debugging for UrlRewriter. I have added the "register logger" section to the config file, but VS output windows shows nothing. That would be helpful, also.

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Use the following regex for the match:


This way you match everything until the question mark - one or more chars that aren't a question mark.

Then $1 holds the path part, and $2 everything from the "?" until the end of the URL.

Notice the question mark after the second grouping parentheses - this means that you don't require that part, so will also work.

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This solved the problem in my question, but I also had to do some rewriting in Global.Application_EndRequest handler, because login control sees rewritten urls under the hood, so links were usually messed up during webform POSTs. – regexnewb Apr 13 '11 at 10:44

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