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Does anyone have a working example of using the new GWT constructs for RequestFactory with a SmartGWT DataSource for databound widgets ?

If possible I would like to make a generic data service that contains methods for listAll, getByExample, getByPrimaryKey etc. I beleibe it should be possible ???

If using RequestFactory would it make sense to ditch the datasource altogether and work directly with the widget fields ?

Cheers, Andy

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This link provides an implementation of smartgwt datasource with RPC. My take is it should be easy to extend it to RequestFactory.

About ditching DataSource, I would advice against it. I have created an application with it and trust me, smartgwt widgets are very deeply ingrained with a datasource. A lot of vanilla functionality of the widgets depends on datasource. To ditch the datasouce all together and try and use the widgets gets pretty complicated. I always have felt that smartgwt skimps on documentation, and that will hit you hard.

So prefer a datasource unless you have a very gooood understanding of how smartgwt works!

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Stiking with the DataSource. Currently struggling with RequestCatory and generics. Not sure if it will play nicely ! –  Andy Apr 13 '11 at 16:12
It should. Its a good initiative. Do search the net for some samples. And let me know if you get stuck. This will be a good initiative.. and a great learning experience for you. –  Jai Apr 13 '11 at 17:26

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