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I have created a windwos service utilising the following code:

import win32service
import win32serviceutil
import win32api
import win32con
import win32event
import win32evtlogutil
import os, sys, string, time

class aservice(win32serviceutil.ServiceFramework):

   _svc_name_ = "PAStoDistillerIFC"
   _svc_display_name_ = "PAS DW to Distiller Interface"
   _svc_description_ = "Service that checks the Clinical Research folder for any new files from PAS to process in Distiller"

   def __init__(self, args):
           win32serviceutil.ServiceFramework.__init__(self, args)
           self.hWaitStop = win32event.CreateEvent(None, 0, 0, None)           

   def SvcStop(self):

   def SvcDoRun(self):
      import servicemanager      
      servicemanager.LogMsg(servicemanager.EVENTLOG_INFORMATION_TYPE,servicemanager.PYS_SERVICE_STARTED,(self._svc_name_, '')) 

      #self.timeout = 640000    #640 seconds / 10 minutes (value is in milliseconds)
      self.timeout = 120000     #120 seconds / 2 minutes
      # This is how long the service will wait to run / refresh itself (see script below)

      while 1:
         # Wait for service stop signal, if timeout, loop again
         rc = win32event.WaitForSingleObject(self.hWaitStop, self.timeout)
         # Check to see if self.hWaitStop happened
         if rc == win32event.WAIT_OBJECT_0:
            # Stop signal encountered
            servicemanager.LogInfoMsg("PAStoDistillerIFC - STOPPED!")  #For Event Log
                 #[actual service code between rests]
                     file_path = "D:\\SCRIPTS\\script.py"
                     execfile(file_path)             #Execute the script
                     servicemanager.LogInfoMsg("File CRASHED")
                 #[actual service code between rests]

def ctrlHandler(ctrlType):
   return True

if __name__ == '__main__':   
   win32api.SetConsoleCtrlHandler(ctrlHandler, True)   

To run this script:

import os, re, urllib, urllib2, time, datetime
def postXML( path, fname):
    fileresultop = open("D:\\CLinicalResearch\\SCRIPTS\\LOG.txt", 'a') # open result file
    fileresultop.write('CheckXXX  ')
    now = datetime.datetime.now() #####ALWAYS CRASHES HERE######
    fileresult = open("D:\\SCRIPTS\\IFCPYTHONLOG.txt", 'a') # open result file
    fileresultop = open("D:\\SCRIPTS\\LOG.txt", 'a') 
    fileresultop.write('Check2  ')

path="D:\\Test2"  # Put location of XML files here.
procpath="D:\\Test2Processed" # Location of processed files
now = datetime.datetime.now()
for fname in dirList: # For each file in directory
    if re.search("PatientIndexInsert", fname): # Brand new patient records
                fileresultop = open("D:\\SCRIPTS\\LOG.txt", 'a') # open result file
                fileresultop.write('Check1  ')
                postXML(path, fname)

I have pared down the script to the bare code where I believe this is crashing.

This works perfectly from the command line, I run the windows service under my own login. Once I take the datetime function out of the function it seems to work.

Edit 1: I saw that the service runs in a blank environment. I don't have any environmental variables set myself.

Edit 2: Added traceback:

File "D:\ClinicalResearch\SCRIPTS\PAS2DIST.py", line 23, in <module>
  postXML(path, fname)
File "D:\ClinicalResearch\SCRIPTS\PAS2DIST.py", line 6, in postXML
  now = datetime.datetime.now()
NameError: global name 'datetime' is not defined
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Do you have a traceback of the crash? You can use the traceback module to get it as a string in order to log it if needed. –  Liquid_Fire Apr 12 '11 at 12:09
If it crashes on datetime, I would assume it has to do with profile's regional settings (or the absence of aforementioned settings while running as a service). In C++ there would be CreateProcessAsUser, maybe there is a similar function for python. –  Vladislav Zorov Apr 12 '11 at 12:13
If you import win32traceutil at the start of your code you can use win32traceutil.py (C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\win32\lib on my install) to monitor the output when running as a service. This should let you see the errors a little better. –  Gary Hughes Apr 12 '11 at 12:17
You should probably change servicemanager.LogInfoMsg("File CRASHED") from info to error and include a stack backtrace in the message. That way you should get enough information to find the problem and any future ones in the event log. –  Duncan Apr 12 '11 at 12:36
Thanks all, I tried to use print exception: except: servicemanager.LogErrorMsg(traceback.print_exc(file=sys.stdout)) but ironically it gave me an error: File "D:\ClinicalResearch\SCRIPTS\Script1.py", line 49, in SvcDoRun servicemanager.LogErrorMsg(traceback.print_exc(file=sys.stdout)) TypeError: None is not a valid string in this context %2: %3 –  Sarah-Ann Apr 12 '11 at 13:34

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I didn't find the cause but I did find a workaround.

I needed to import all the same libraries into the function too. Once I did that, worked like a charm.

Hope this can help someone else.

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