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I have a project tracked in svn. On our server, the "index" and "log" folders are symbolic links to folders in a shared directory. I don't want either of these in svn, and they are causing problems committing and updating: i get an error doing "svn update" on the server:

Expected 'log' to be a directory but found a file

I tried setting them to be ignored, like

svn propset svn:ignore index .
svn propset svn:ignore log .

But update still breaks, and i can't commit these changes to . because i get this error:

Expected '/ebs/www/apps/e_learning_resource/releases/20110121171004/log' to be a directory but found a file

grateful for any advice - max

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Sounds like log is already committed in SVN. Delete it (be careful to keep your local link or be ready to recreate it!), commit the deletion, and your ignore should be good from then on.

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yeah, you're right: when i try svn delete log i get svn: 'log' is in the way of the resource actually under version control. So what i think happened was that at one point there was a physical log directory, and svn ignore was set on the contents of this dir, not the dir itself. Then, later, the dir was replaced with a symlink to the shared folder, but nobody bothered tidying up svn. So, i guess i need to move the symlink, make a new log dir, svn delete it, physically delete it, then put the symlink back and svn ignore that. I'll do it later during a quiet usage time. thx – Max Williams Apr 12 '11 at 13:24

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