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I've been through the extensive gitolite documentation over and over again. This is my configuration :

Git user running gitolite, while I installed Gitolite as another user, which had root privileges. I installed using the gl-system-install method.

Now, I see two copies of hooks/common directory /usr/local/share/gitolite/hooks/common and /home/git/.gitolite/ (and I intend to work with the first one for system wide implementation)

The gitolite-source is located at /home/user/gitolite-source

I've put in some dummy hooks in the /home/user/gitolite-source/hooks/common/ directory (post-udpate, post-update.secondary, post-receive and post-commit). All of these have exec bit set.

If I edit the update hook in this directory and re-run the setup again, the newer update hook (in existing repos) is sym-linked to the update hook in /usr/local/share/gitolite/hooks/common.

But even though any newer hooks in the source/hooks/common directory are copied over to both the hook locations, newer sym-links do not appear in my existing repos.

In short : gitolite copies its own hooks, but neglects mine.

Any idea why?

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I figured out the answer on my own.

I was re-running the gl-system-setup over and over again in hopes of making those sym links created for me under each repository, while it was the gl-setup that did it.

But re-running gl-setup did not work either. (It gave strange parse errors). So I decided to just remove all the gitolite-hooked sentinel files, and push an update to the gitolite-admin repo, which copies hooks over if it does not find the gitolite-hooked file.

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