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Hey all, I'm trying to check the cellular network type of a blackberry. What I would like to retrieve is the type that is displayed in the top right of my screen.

So,2G, 3G, Edge or SOS (in emergencies). Currently the closest I have got is using the function getNetworkType, which always returns GPRS.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

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You can use getNetworkService()

for example

int service = RadioInfo.getNetworkService();

if ( (service & RadioInfo.NETWORK_SERVICE_DATA ) != 0 ){
   // GPRS
if ( (service & RadioInfo.NETWORK_SERVICE_UMTS ) != 0 ){
   // 3G
if ( (service & RadioInfo.NETWORK_SERVICE_EDGE ) != 0 ){
   // EDGE

There are still other status, such as EVD0 for CDMA network Please check on RadioInfo.NETWORK_SERVICE_*

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