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Is there any way to asynchronously pass Thrift protocol through Tornado web server?

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More details, please? – Kannan Goundan Apr 13 '11 at 3:58
Can I implement an analog "pyamf + Django" - "thrift + tornado". While maintaining a async work? – DarkAnthey Apr 15 '11 at 16:45
twisted:         Generate Twisted-friendly RPC services.
tornado:         Generate code for use with Tornado.

The command is thrift -gen py:tornado -out ./ hello.thrift

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I don't know a lot about thrift, but from looking at their features page, they do support async. So, in theory, yes.

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Async indeed includes two parts: tornado async response to reqeust, function aysnc communitation with thrift server.

  1. Tornado supports aysnc response. You can refer to Tornado Async HTTP returning results incrementally and Tornado Asynchronous Handler

  2. thrift aysnc communication. You can refer to, although using Java, i think it'll helpful.

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The simplest way to call a blocking function from a coroutine is to use a ThreadPoolExecutor, which returns Futures that are compatible with coroutines:

thread_pool = ThreadPoolExecutor(4)

def call_blocking():
    yield thread_pool.submit(blocking_func, args)

the blocking_func may your thrift function.

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