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I am a j2me developer but now I have to develop an application for Symbian in C++. I am completely new to it. Please help me. I installed Perl, Symbian S60 5th edition and Carbide.c++, and started to create the 'helloworld' application as guided in this documentation:

I get 2 errors during building of the application

The errors are:

1) undefined identifier 'KGeneral_Information' HellowordAppUi.cpp /Helloword/src line 206 C/C++ Problem

2) the file 'Helloword_0xE0C8D323.hlp.hrh' cannot be opened HellowordAppUi.cpp /Helloword/src line 22 C/C++ Problem

Warning are:

1) #warning "Please see comment about help and UID3..." HellowordAppUi.cpp /Helloword/src line 193 C/C++ Problem

2) preprocessor #warning directive HellowordAppUi.cpp /Helloword/src line 193 C/C++ Problem

Please help me. I an not able to understand why it is happening. The workspace is in same drive as the SDK.

Thanks in advance

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Open your build file, comment the line after PRJ_MMPFILES.

This happens because application help fine is not defined.

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