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I try to write a this monad

data W x = W x [String]

instance Monad W where
return x = W x []
W a h1 >>= f = case f a of 
    W b h2 -> W b (h1++h2)

But, now when i will use this monad and try to write return or >>= in code I get by compilation the warnings:

No explicit method nor default method for Prelude.return in the instance declaration. No explicit method nor default method for Prelude.>>= in the instance declaration.

Does anyone know how to fix this warnings?

thank you very much

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Assuming that the layout of the code is exactly as displayed in your question, the problem is that your return and >>= definitions are not indented, so they are being defined as new top-level functions unrelated to the Monad class. Indent them and it should work.

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:) thank you very much it's the solution – 877 Apr 12 '11 at 13:40

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