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I'm wondering what is good approach to secure handler method in Spring MVC controller. Now i use @Secured annotation, that ensure that some method may be accessed by logged user only. But how to ensure that one logged user doesn't do something bad for other users ? For example i have method that delete item with given id. To ensure that someone can't remove other than his items i check item owner. Is better way to do something like that ?

public String delete(@RequestParam(value="id") Long id) {
    Item b = itemDAO.get(id);
    if(b.getOwner().getId().equals(((UserDetails) SecurityContextHolder.getContext().getAuthentication().getPrincipal()).getUser().getId())) {
    return "redirect:/user/items.html";
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Perhaps you can look at @Preauthorize annotation. You can do something like

@PreAuthorize("#item.id == authentication.id")
  public void doSomething(Item item);

You would need to rewrite your current code suitably.

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Look into Spring Security ACL (Access control list) you can create a list of permissions that users have for this object. Permissions include read, write, delete...

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I don't want to restrict some actions to specific users. – marioosh Apr 13 '11 at 12:16

You need to implement role base system, base on privileges user can perform delete operation.

If specific user having delete access then he/she do the delete stub.

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