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What is the maximum amount of data i passed through querystring of jquery ajax?

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3 Answers

Query strings form part of the URL for an HTTP GET request, so the main limit you'll hit is URL length.

Here's a question about that: What is the maximum length of a url?

So for typical browsers stay inside of 2,000 characters in total. But keep in mind that other clients may not deal with URLs of this length (e.g. proxy / caching servers).

I'd recommend that staying under 500 characters you should be safe. Anything more and consider using a POST request instead.

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This would depend on the browser and/or server

IE 4.0 and above is ~2048 characters

All other browsers seem to support much more. So basically if you are trying to implement a cross browser web site/application then its probably best not to exceed 2048 characters.

Also note Web servers can be configured to limit the amount of data passed though a QueryString. This is rare but it can be done.

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The maximum url length for any http request varies from browser to browser. Jquery won't limit you, but the browser the request is being made from will.

See this post: What is the maximum length of a url?

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