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I have build one android application in androids version(2.2) and i have specified minimum sdk version in android manifest file as 3 i.e (version-1.5) .so i have to make sure that this application should run successfully on api leval of device having from 3 i.e Version(1.5) to 8 Version(2.2but since contact content provider for android Api platform "leval(4)" and "leval(8)" are different,and in my application i am using contact content provider,i am facing exceptions as "illegal argument","null pointer","uncought exception" at runtime.

On the other side if i build the application with version(1.6),It not gives runtime exception but when i tried to get contact details from device e.g(phone number,email),it gives null value as "null pointer" exception.

do you have any proper solution for this.please replay..

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If you only want to ship one version of your app, you should use android.os.Build.VERSION to determine the API level, and thus the right API to use.

Hope this helps,

Phil Lello

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The attribute android:minSdk does not guarantee that your application will run on these devices (see here).

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thanks for replay.. –  user767766 Jun 8 '11 at 12:40

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