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By using JFileChooser I am able to select file and folders getting JList with File Objects and I am showing it with checkbox. Now my requirement is like I want to show the selected file and folder in tree structure with checkbox and the checkbox should be only for root elements not for all child elements.

Example : For Example, I selected folders ABC and PQR which containt sub folders and few files now on UI It should be display

Checkbox1 ABC--
          .           --SubFolder
          .                      --Files
Checkbox2 PQR--
          .           --SubFolder
          .                      --Files
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Please ask a specific question, also please don't say your problem is urgent. – jzd Apr 12 '11 at 15:14

Sounds a bit complicated... as far as the tree goes, there's an online post of code from the OReilly Java Cookbook that might help you:

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