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While using serialize_with_options I came to realise that it doesn't work as I expected when it comes to arrays.

So given an array of @posts (as seen in the README) calling @posts.to_json will neither include the user or show only the title.

Not sure if that's the expected behaviour or I'm missing something since I can't find anything related.

Using Rails 3.0.4

PS. Are there any alternatives when it comes to include 2 custom attributes on the JSON format of a model?

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Can you please elaborate a little more clearly what do you want to achieve? For only showing title @post.to_json(:only => :title) should do the trick. For including the user in json, you can do @post.to_json(:include => :user) – rubish Apr 12 '11 at 16:46

consider overloading ActiveModel::Serializers::JSON.as_json like that:

class Post
  def as_json(options)
    # make sure options is not nil
    options ||= {}
    # call super with modified options
    super options.deep_merge(methods: [:custom_attr1, :custom_attr2])

  def custom_attr1
    "return first custom data"

  def custom_attr2
    "return second custom data"

#rspec this like that
describe Post do
  subject { }
  it "has custom data" do
    to_json.should include(
      { custom_attr1: "return first custom data",
        custom_attr2: "return second custom data"})
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