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I have the following partial view:

@using (Ajax.BeginForm("EditUserRole", "Administrator", null, new AjaxOptions{ OnSuccess = "CloseWnd()"))
    <input type="submit" class="jqBtn" />

I get this by ajax and insert it into a dialog like this:

@Ajax.ActionLink(" ", "GetEditUserRoleControl", new { userId = x.UserId }, new AjaxOptions { UpdateTargetId = "WndContent", OnSuccess="OpenWnd('Edit User Roles')" }, new { @class = "ui-icon ui-icon-person BtnIcon" })

<div id="WndContent" style="display: none;">


function OpenWnd(title) {
   var $dialog = $("#WndContent").dialog({ title: title, modal: true });
   //get the widget element
   var $widg = $dialog.dialog('widget');
   //find all buttons and apply button:
   $("input:submit.jqBtn", $widg).button();


I need after I submit the form, I close the box. But it seems I'll be writing code in the partial control that depends on the dialog. I also do not want to use the built in jquery buttons because I'll have to remove the button from my partial form. Any help?

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Well you could look in the content for a form, and bind to the submit function.

$("form", $widg).submit(function(){
    /* submit callback */

This will tell you when the form is submitted however, not when the ajax submit status.

My suggestion would be to use the dialog buttons (since that is how this dialog is designed to be used) and modify your view to optionally render the buttons. You could pass another key modalView=true through the action link.

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