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I am wanting to use mef with the Logging and Exception Blocks of Enterprise Library 5.0.

What I am doing is I have a plugin defined that MEF is looking for in a directory. It then imports it for me. However I am using logging and exception handling in the plugin also and I would like to be able to insert the instance of the LogWriter and ExceptionWriter via mef. The example shows you how to do it with unity which won't work since I am using mef to get the plugin and instantiate it.


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You can export LogWriter with a class like this:

public class LogWriterExporter

    public LogWriter LogWriter
            return new LogWriter(...);

Note that MEF will typically call this property getter only once, except if an importer demands CreationPolicy.NonShared. If you want to enforce singleton behavior, then you can explicitly add a [PartCreationPolicy(CreationPolicy.Shared)] attribute to the class.

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