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I'm using Mono for Android and Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2010 and created HelloMonodroid App. App is running fine in Emulator, when Project is configured to DEBUG. What i want to do now is build/package an .apk file in RELEASE mode. I followed the steps described on: Preparing Package

But i'm getting following error:

monodroid : error 1: This version of mandroid.exe does not support static compilation.

I'm using the evaluation/trial version of Mono for Android. Anybody knows what is wrong here? Thanks for help!

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I'd guess that your version of monodroid doesn't support static compilation.

Or more usefully, since you're using a eval/trial version, it's probably crippled to prevent releases - to evaluate/trial it, you don't need to create a release version.

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This is correct. You cannot build a static version (a version that does not use the shared runtime) with the evaluation version. I have already changed the error message for the next release to be a little more descriptive. –  jpobst Apr 12 '11 at 23:46

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