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I'm prompting a user to add an item to an SQLiteDb. When they click add, I want to check if that item already exists... if it doesn't then I want to insert it.

I make the call

mDbHelper.createNote(inputLine.getText().toString().trim(), mTable[i]);

Which calls...

public long createNote(String value, String table) {
        ContentValues initialValues = new ContentValues();
        initialValues.put(table, value);

        return mDb.insert(table, null, initialValues);

Thats works but it doesn't check if the item already exists, so it still inserts duplicates. So I tried

return mDb.insertWithOnConflict(table, null, initialValues, SQLiteDatabase.CONFLICT_FAIL);

However, it doesn't appear to recognize insertWIthOnConflict or SQLiteDatabase.CONFLICT_FAIL...

How can I get this to work?

Edit: it's 1 table, 2 rows. table name = note, rows = _id, note.

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Have you declared your _id column as a primary key? –  Roman Mazur Apr 12 '11 at 15:55
yes, primary key autoincrement –  Roger Apr 12 '11 at 15:58
A much better way to do this is detailed in How to do IF NOT EXISTS in SQLite –  Merlin Jul 31 '11 at 16:56

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In such situation I perfrom such checking:

if (!checkRecordExist(DATABASE_TABLE, new String[] {KEY_1, KEY_2}, new String[] {value_1, value_2})) 
database.insert(DATABASE_TABLE, null, updateValues);


private boolean checkRecordExist(String tableName, String[] keys, String [] values) {
    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
    for (int i = 0; i < keys.length; i++) {
            .append("\" ");
        if (i<keys.length-1) sb.append("AND ");

    Cursor cursor = database.query(tableName, null, sb.toString(), null, null, null, null);
    boolean exists = (cursor.getCount() > 0);
    return exists;
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What happens when you have multiple users checking to see if a record exists simultaneously? –  Davidann Apr 12 '11 at 16:01
I have local database, so only one request may be done at time. You may perform that checking on record adding and return warning if dublicate is found. –  Anton Derevyanko Apr 12 '11 at 16:08
that works, thanks! –  Roger Apr 12 '11 at 16:57
You are welcome –  Anton Derevyanko Apr 12 '11 at 17:03
-1 although this works it is very poor practice and should be avoided, a better solution can be found using INSERT OR IGNORE. How to do IF NOT EXISTS in SQLite –  Merlin Jul 31 '11 at 16:51

Use the REPLACE command

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That seems to function exactly like insert. I'm able to insert the same item multiple times still. –  Roger Apr 12 '11 at 16:04
If this is true, you didn't properly define a primary key –  codymanix May 4 '11 at 15:50

Add a Primary Key. If you try to insert another row with the same key, the insert will fail.

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How do I find out if another row has the same key though? No key is generated until a record has been inserted. –  Roger Apr 12 '11 at 16:03

What API are you using? That method is for API 8 and above ie version 2.2 up.

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Have you tried using a primary key that isn't set to auto-increment? That might be why the REPLACE command isn't working

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Do you mean instead of having 2 columns, _id, note. I should get rid of _id and set note text primary key? –  Roger Apr 12 '11 at 16:40
What I mean is that if you're willing to generate the primary key yourself, then you don't need to use auto-increment and your REPLACE might then work. Note that for the answer you accepted above, you are doing two database calls for every insert (a check and the actual insert) so it'll slow down your time inside the DB. It also has a TOCTOU issue in that it's not atomic, so make sure you synchronize properly if you're running multiple threads against it –  Andrew Flynn Apr 12 '11 at 17:18

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