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This is the code that's giving me trouble.

f = Frame(root, width=1000, bg="blue")
f.pack(fill=X, expand=True)

l = Label(f, text="hi", width=10, bg="red", fg="white")

If I comment out the lines with the Label, the Frame displays with the right width. However, adding the Label seems to shrink the Frame down to the Label's size. Is there a way to prevent that from happening?

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By default, tk frames shrink or grow to fit their contents, which is what you want 99% of the time. The term that describes this feature is "geometry propagation". There is a command to turn geometry propagation on or off.

Since you are using pack, the syntax would be:


or maybe root.pack_propagate(0), depending on which widget(s) you actually want to affect.

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It could also be self.pack_propagate(0) if done in a method like the __init__() of a widget class derived from Frame -- as in the commonly used class Application(Frame): idiom. –  martineau Sep 30 '12 at 19:09

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