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I am at the starter level of the maven usage. I hope I can explain my problem clearly, I want to create an ear file which contains war file inside it. And I planned to use to create a war file from the start. Also I want to do it in my pom.xml at my project and there is only one pom.xml, here is the problem;

  1. Can I create ear file and which contains this war that I created at the same time in one pom.xml file?
  2. when I try to create war file in webmodule tag, here is the problem that I encounter " Artifact[war:denem.denem:denem] is not a dependency of the project." I understood so that's why I added dependency for this file in the same pom.xml but this time I encountered that problem

(By the way my command to build this pom is "mvn clean package" )

"1 required artifact is missing.

for artifact:


It tries to find this war file but I want to create it not to find it. Here the code in my pom.xml file;






I guess I am doing lots of things wrong. But If you can help me I will be glad. Thank you anyway.

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You need to create a modular project. Create:

  1. a parent project of type "pom";
  2. a child project of type "war";
  3. if needed, child projects of type "ejb";
  4. if needed, child projects of type "jar" (common libraries);
  5. one project of type "ear", that has all of the above as dependencies.

In the latter you need to configure the ear plugin putting all the modules that you need.

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