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for example, i create list following

List :: 1..5,

I want to set second element of list, it looks like List[1] :: 1..2 %List, from 0 to 4

I don't know how to realize it ?

thanks very much :)

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For example, using in operator in Swi-prolog, I can do like this:

init_static(List) :- length(List, 5), List in 1..5, List = [_,Y|_], Y in 1..2.

if I know beforehand that I need specific constraints for the second element.

To generalize for any index:

init_dynamic(I, List) :- length(List, 5), List in 1..5, length(L1, I), Y in 1..2, append(L1, [Y|_], List).

So a query for the second element is:

init_dynamic(1, [1,2,4,3,5]).

I assume that you can do similar things with :: operator in other Prolog variants.

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Bravo, thanks very much :) –  funlive Apr 12 '11 at 17:41

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